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Hey Y'all

I'm Lennox Morgan!

Scroll down this page to get to know more about who I am and what I enjoy, what this website means to me, and what my goals for this page will be. I hope you find what you are looking for!

Bradford, England


  • Born and raised in Dallas Texas

  • Went to Texas Tech University as an undergrad

  • After I graduated from Texas Tech, I moved to Austin, Arlington, and Dallas over the span of 3 years. 

  • I worked in healthcare for 8 years

  • I got a master's in Business and Healthcare Administration - It was great!

  • The pandemic was hard on me, creating a lot of burnout while working in healthcare and not being able to see my family or friends.

  • I was in a car accident in 2021 which broke a lot of my face. I decided to move to Europe during the healing process of that.

Present Day: 

  • I now live in Bradford United Kingdom

  • I moved to England in August 2022

  • I worked in the NHS for a year before I quit to pursue writing. 

  • I just wrote my first book and I am not stopping! (You can go read it if you want *wink wink*)

  • I have no plan on moving back to America and plan on moving to a few different places before retiring in Ireland.

Bradford, England

Everyday Fernweh


What it means: 

Fernweh means far sickness. Its the sickness one has for not travelling, the yearn for traveling and visiting destinations. I love exploring new cities, cultures, food, drinks and more, but I also just enjoy the traveling process. I love trains, I love roadtrips, I love flying on a plane. There isn't one mode of transportation that I dislike. 



My goal with this website is to use it as a personal diary of my travels, my ideas, my tips and tricks and to share it with those who are interested. This blog is used to help me connect to those family members that I no longer have the capability to text or call easily since of my location and time zone changes. Not only do I aim to connect to those individuals, I hope to create a fun atmosphere of tips and tricks of learning how to become an Expat and travel tips. 



I hope to inspire, connect, and encourage those who always wanted to pursue their desires. It doesn't just have to be travel or moving away. I hope this blog encourages everyone to follow their dreams, go outside their comfort zone, gain confidence, and reach their dreams. Its not just a travel blog, yall!

Where I have been

Bradford, England
Paris, France
Bradford, England


The United Kingdom



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I wrote a book!

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