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Eskimo Hut

MiniBlog - Eskimo Hut

Location: Texas (Multiple locations)

What: Drinks

Overall experience: 10/10

There are a few Eskimo Huts around Texas. Each one is unique in design and drinks. Typically, when I write about a franchise, I'll write about one specific location. Today, I am not doing that. I'm going to be writing about the franchise as a whole. The reasoning? I do what I want. No, it's because I've been to a few in a few different cities so I'm thinking that I have a very basic knowledge (or really no knowledge) of the franchise. 

Eskimo Hut is a place where you can get frozen Daiquries to go. Now I know what you're thinking. “You can't go to a place to get alcohol to go…” Well, actually in Texas, they don't really care, as long as you can prove that you weren't drinking it while you were driving, it should be fine. (Plus, since COVID, many more restaurants are allowing to go alcohol). Basically, you go and you order your drink, you walk out with your drink, but the drink is sealed and your straw is sealed. If you get pulled over, then you have to prove that both the drink and the straw are sealed. Since COVID and the rise of to-go alcohol, this is pretty much the standard of all to-go alcohol. 

Now, what sets Eskimo Hut different than just getting food and alcohol from a restaurant? Well, I'm glad you asked. There are so many different kinds of drinks you can make, with different kinds of flavors and alcohol and you can even add different kinds of candy in it or outside of it. It's literally like your personal daiquiris shop where you can make anything and everything, no matter how wild it is. 

They seem to be located in College towns and I'm just confused about why they don't get more attention. I love this place. Granted, I've only been 3 times, each at a different location, and I was a new 21 but still. 


Environment: 7/10

Product: 8.35/10

Recommend to someone else: 7/10

**I did not take these photos. These are photos taken off google images.

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