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Future Trip Wish List

On January 1, 2023, I told myself that I wanted to travel to 10 different countries this year. I wanted to beat my record of last year by traveling in 8 countries. I want to travel. I moved to the UK for easier access to traveling while trying to go to University and trying to go to all of the cool places. Since moving to the UK, I have learned a little more about the travel culture here as well as where most people like to holiday outside of the UK. Along with learning about how so many people travel around from the UK, I have always had an extensive list of places I wanted to go and see. I am much more of a mountain view person rather than a beach person, but saying that, sometimes laying on the beach drinking a pina colada and getting a little tan hits the spot.

Since this blog sometimes focuses on traveling, here is a list of places that I have always wanted to go to and see and experience.

Cork, Ireland:

I went to Dublin once. It was alright but it wasn't great. The experience was hard for me since I was only there for a little while. I do know that Ireland is known for its greenery and their countryside. I did get the opportunity to go to the countryside of Ireland. It was absolutely stunning. However, once I got back to Bradford, England, I was told that Dublin was overrated and that next time, I should go to Cork, Ireland. Cork, Ireland is the second largest city in Ireland on the south side of Ireland. Cork is known for being a foodie city. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. I have met people from Cork who think that it's one of the best places to go as the food and coffee are great and the people there are super kind. I want to go back to Ireland and I want to make sure to go to Cork.

Sligo, Ireland:

This is where I hope to retire, or somewhere close to here. My partner and I have discussed this multiple times regarding moving to Ireland to raise kids and build a life there. His family has land out there and is from there so I can't say no. I absolutely love Ireland. We have tried several times to go but the travel for the amount of time we would be there is incredibly worth it. We have to find a longer time to be there to meet his family and live on the farm. But I am excited to go and see where his family is from and where he spent most of his summers.

Shetland, Scotland:

Did you know that you could see the Northern Lights from Scotland?! Neither did I until a friend told me that she wanted to go for an anniversary with her husband. Yeah, I completely stole her idea, and I'm not sorry about it (Hashtag Sorry Not Sorry!). Since I heard the fabulous news about being able to see the Northern Lights from Scotland, I have been researching the topic ever since and I cannot wait to go! I've looked at the best spots to go to as well as when to see them, the best time of day to see them, what you need to do to prepare for them. I'm hoping to go in the upcoming months if my schedule allows that for me.


I want to go to Greece. It has always been one of those things where I always wanted to go and experience it but I never really thought that it was realistic for me to go because of the location from where I was (In America). But now that I'm in the UK, many people often go to the Greek Islands for a holiday here and it has helped me understand a little more about the accessibility and financial commitment to going to the Greek island. I don't have a specific place that I want to go. I know of Santorini and Mykonos but I feel like, personally, they would not be the best fit for me as there are so many tourists there, making it hard to enjoy.

Alaska, United States:

Yes. This. Always. I've wanted to go to Alaska ever since I found out that there is a cruise that you could go on up to Alaska. I find that absolutely fascinating. I know that there are beautiful sightings to be seen in Alaska as well. But I haven't actually looked into it seriously because I am a Texas Girl and up until a year ago, I didn't own a coat, just some light jacket action. So I need to compile a good amount of warm clothes that I hope to have before looking into something like that. Luckily, I now live in England which is more north so hopefully I'll be able to adapt to the cold a little more.


Okay, I've been obsessed with this for MANY years. I love Italy, I love the Italian language, I love the history, I love the Italian food, just everything. My sister once lived in Italy and I hate the fact that I never got to see her while she was there. However, I am determined to go during my time in England. I want to go everywhere. I hope to spend a month in Italy or something crazy, just to get the full experience. I want to go to touristy places as well as nontouristy places. I want to meet Italian people and touristy people. I want to go see the house my sister lived in while she was here. I want to go through every inch of Italy. This is a must. Absolute must.


I don't have a specific place in Norway that I want to go to. But I've seen GORGEOUS pictures of the land there and it honestly seems like such a magical place. I wouldn't mind just doing a full road trip around the country to meet people, get pictures, travel, and live off the land. Have you seen those photos? Absolutely stunning!


Have you heard of the Maldives before? It's a little cluster of islands off the coast of India. When I first heard about these islands, I was probably newly in high school, around 13 or 14. When I looked at it, the islands were so secluded that you took a flight and a ferry to get there and you had to stay for a week because flights going in and out were only once a week. I'm not sure if that is still the case but I do know that they have underwater hotels which are so interesting. I'm doing it. I've always said that I was going to go there for my honeymoon. I was never the kind of girl that planned her wedding. I was the kind of girl who always planned her honeymoon. I guess I always just wanted to travel and if someone were to join me forever, I guess that would be okay.

Those are just some of my hopeful travel destinations. I don't think that I will be able to meet my goal this year of 10 new countries, only because it's already September and I haven't traveled anywhere, not even to different places in the UK, just around to small villages in England. Maybe next year I'll be able to hit my goal.

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