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My Life Update


It has been a while. Honestly, so long. I stopped writing in October 2022 when classes started and I did my best to interact and keep up writing as much as possible but with University and trying to get some friends here, it's been absolutely wild. I have been trying really hard to put roots down here, make friends, get into some routine, and that sort of stuff It has been hard to take time out to be creative and write. But I'm now confident that I can find time to do it all (and maybe stop watching so much TV)... so let me catch you up real fast: 

  1. I GRADUATED! University was great until it wasn't. My first semester was great. I ended up being on what the English have for the dean's list in America. I've gotten great reviews on my writing in the previous semester. But the last semester was not going great. It was a struggle getting the motivation to do any of the homework or lectures as I didn't really care. I lost all care of being in class because I was tired of being a student. I always thought that I would be a forever student because I always somehow found a way to go back to university, but after this experience, I can honestly see myself never going back.

  2. I said yes to a same-day trip to Manchester, England. It was a crazy story. I woke up at 7 am and got a message at 9 stating that we were all meeting at the interchange at 10. I was in class at the time and I was about to go on another trip the next day but I just got up, left class, and ran to the train station to meet up with everyone. It was the first time that I hung out with people outside of work or bartenders at the bar. It was definitely a turning point. Since I said yes to this day trip to Manchester, it has opened so many open doors and experiences. I fell in love with my partner on this trip. 

  3. I went to Scotland! I finally went and completed a task I'd been dying to do for ages by going to Edinburg, Scotland. I was only there for a few days but I got to meet a few awesome travelers and got to complete a Harry Potter checklist I've always wanted to do. I didn't get the chance to go to the family graves like I wanted to but I will go again. It was absolutely stunning and I will be doing a full post regarding a couple of days I spent there. So keep an eye out. 

  4. I met a guy. He's perfect. I'll also be writing a whole post about our whirlwind relationship so far. I've been taking some time to spend with him, meeting his family, and his friends, and growing our relationship. We have lived together for a year, together for a year and a half and there is no going back. I even wrote a book about him. 

  5. I've made friends. My partner tried so hard to get me to be friends with his friends. It worked for a little while but it was not sufficient. I also had a friend breakup while I was here. But I actually made friends at work, I made friends with his friends, I made friends with people at his work, I made friends on my own. I made friends while maintaining my friendships overseas. I officially have friends from all over the world. 

  6. I published a book! It's a silly documentary about dating. Please go buy it, read it, laugh, and then leave a review to tell others to buy it. Please and thank you! It would change my life. 

My life has constantly been changing for 2 years. It has been constantly changing for the last 6 months. It's been wild. There have been ups and downs, many tears, many train rides and so much more. I now have some extra time on my hands so I am hoping to grow this blog into a larger capacity and I'm hoping to become a full-time writer. That is my goal and my hopes and dreams. I do hope that this blog is something you are looking for and I hope that you can follow along on my journey. 

Anyways, the end I guess. Have a lovely day, sunshine!

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