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MiniBlog: Messenger Coffee

Location: Messenger Coffee Co is located in Kansas City MISSOURI! Don't get it twisted. Its Missouri. Not Kansas. Okay? Okay.

What: Cafe

Overall experience: 10/10

This is a hot pocket for coffee lovers, locals, and students. It is very clearly a busy place to be and a beloved place by many. This place is huge yet small. The outside looks like there is plenty of room but with the number of people inside, decorations, and bakery, it is really cramped on the inside. However, there is a surprise as there are 3 different levels to this coffee shop. There's the entry/first floor. The second floor is a little less crowded but still has a giant section sectioned off for historical coffee making. Then they have a roof patio overlooking Kansas City. Honestly, it's beautifully decorated, with a lot of options on seating, tables, long tables, couches, love seats, and bar stools. But I must let you know that there are so many people.

(Peep that sandwich in the background. YUM!)

I was visiting a friend who recently relocated to Kansas City and he suggested going to this coffee shop. It was truly an experience and it was great. We got there at the perfect time because, by the time we left, there was a line outside of the building. When you walk in, you see the display case and menus. YOu order what you want and you pay. Depending on if you're staying in, they give you a number and you go off and find a seat. They make your food/coffee and bring it up to you. (remember, there are 3 levels to this so it might take a little while). Their food options were absolutely delicious. You could have a hot sandwich or food made for you right there or you could choose one of the many options of pastries that they have displayed before you.

This is a great place to go in the morning, maybe before the foot traffic, before work. This is also a great place for a study group or to just get out of the house to do some studying. While we were there, I saw many different kinds of people, tourists, students, friends, family celebrating, local businessmen and women, and workers. I suggest this place to anyone and everyone. Go. Enjoy it. Really. Do it.


Environment: 10/10

Product: 10/10

Recommend to someone else: 9/10

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